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Clean Advertising

Clean Advertising is a new global media.. In recent years, it has been incorporated into the marketing mix of leading brands and governmental agencies.
Clean Advertising involves cleaning dirty footpaths of pollution to manufacture temporary 'cleaned' advertising imprint. The images disappear as the footpath become dirty again. No paints, bleaches, or solvents are used, and the advertising images are simply the contrast between the dirty and 'cleaned' surface.

Clean Advertising is ideal for:

  • Council and civic signage (eg: liquor bans, no skating, no smoking etc)
  • Temporary footpath and wall advertising.
  • Targeting consumers at key footfall and demographic locations.
  • Car-park/forecourt branding and advertising.
  • Giving your organisation a sustainable marketing point of difference.

We also offer the following media:

  • Reverse asphalt and eco- stencilling.
  • Temporary chalk and luminescent stencils
  • Projection Events-our programmers can engineer a 3D show.

Latest Clients

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