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Portfolio - Save Kiwi Week Campaign

New Zealand’s national icon, the Kiwi, is in serious danger of extinction in the wild. Sadly due to habitat loss and the impact of introduced pests and predators, only 10 percent of wild Kiwi ever reach breeding age.

Like all New Zealander’s, we couldn’t imagine an Aotearoa without Kiwi, and we gave our support helping promoting the inaugural Save Kiwi Week. ‘Kiwis for Kiwi’ through the BNZ trust and Department of Conservation do an incredible job with Kiwi rehabilitation, fundraising, and awareness for Kiwi conservation.

We located a number of clean advertising and reverse graffiti stencils around the wider Dunedin area. These were hugely popular and generated great interest on social media, as part of a wider nationwide campaign by ‘Kiwis for Kiwi’ involving TV, print, and radio.



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